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Life’s too short to be half right! Two veteran podcasters try to answer a single question without any research – then ask an expert what they got right or wrong. Any question is fair game, but most involve health, fitness, nutrition, mental health, culture…even sex. They walk away with a better sense of the facts…and so do you.

Hosted by Mike Farr (Momma's Boys Podcast) and Jim McDonald (The Less Than Obvious Podcast).

Nov 8, 2019

We’re breaking format to offer this bonus conversation with a trans rights ally about the USAPL and its posture on transgender lifters. If you google “USAPL transgender policy” you’ll get pages of results from tons of mainstream media sites. How did this situation arise, and how are trans lifters pushing back?

We asked Maria Rodriguez, CEO of Fear Her Fight Athletics and a trans ally, to give us her perspective on the situation. We attempt to explore multiple sides of this issue, realizing that we ourselves don’t have any concrete answers or solutions.

Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Is powerlifting really important enough to have more restrictive standards than the International Olympic Committee?
  • Is the negative publicity worth it?
  • What is the objection actually based on?
  • If there’s no practical way to test for past steroid use, and we know that using steroids can offer permanent advantages to lifters, it that a terribly different situation?
  • Should trans lifters just move on and compete where they’ll be welcomed?
  • How does an ally decide the best ways to help?

Maria powerlifts in Tacoma WA. You can find her on Instagram @marialiftstacoma, on her website

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