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Life’s too short to be half right! Two veteran podcasters try to answer a single question without any research – then ask an expert what they got right or wrong. Any question is fair game, but most involve health, fitness, nutrition, mental health, culture…even sex. They walk away with a better sense of the facts…and so do you.

Hosted by Mike Farr (Momma's Boys Podcast) and Jim McDonald (The Less Than Obvious Podcast).

Jan 16, 2019

You can call it Blood Flow Restriction (BRF), occlusion, or Kaatsu, but the idea is all the same: Keep some extra blood in the muscles of your arm or leg and get a massive pump. But is this superior to working out the regular way? When should you use it, and does it have any effect on rehab/recovery?

We ponder these questions and discus our own experience. Then, we bring in Layne Norton, someone with a long history of using this type of training, to help us understand what the actual benefits are.

Layne holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from University of Illinois, and is an author, bodybuilding/figure/physique coach, and a professional powerlifter.

Our ideas about the question start around 6:55.

Layne runs down the facts starting at around 12:40.

Huge thanks to Layne for being our expert. You can find him at and on Instagram: @biolayne. Check out his new book, Fat Loss Forever, on his website.

Hosted by Mike Farr (@silentmikke) and Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd).

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